2012: Quarter 1 AP Language

2011: Quarter 3: Anthem, etc., Quarter 4 Three Preps One Page

Pages below are no longer supported; I am working to re-link them to the new site:

2009: First Semester (out of order); Two Weeks of Team Building

2008: April: Reading Writing Center Demo Lessons

2008: February: Reading Writing Center Demo Lessons

2007: September: Reading Writing Center Plans

2006: August: Service Learning Team Building, sample monthly RWC schedule

2004: May: Poetry & Bronx Masquerade

2003: Dec-Feb: Touching Spirit Bear; Spirit Bear, R.U.R. & Plague Tales (with rotations)

2003: Oct-Nov: Anthem, Plague Tales, Human Chess Match (with rotations)

2002: Aug- Dec: Team Building & Tears of a Tiger, Imitate the Tiger and The Odyssey

2002: Jan-May: The Watson's Go to Birmingham, The Plague Tales, Mythology, Romeo & Juliet

2002: April-May: Forged by Fire, congress letters, poetic connections

2001: Jan-March: Forged by Fire, Poetry (Class poetry slam)

2000: Oct0Nov: Greek Myth & advertising techniques
Lesson plans from my classroom have lived on the web for more than a decade. My planning and thinking has changed over the years, so I dumped links here to revisit. I've labeled them by book unit (instead of strategy or skill) though my thinking has shifted from teaching texts to teaching processes and content. The pages are not maintained and in some cases are missing graphics. Don't mind the dust.