Lee Ann Spillane's
Virtual Classroom
Every few weeks I will post a new list of vocabulary words on Vocabulary.com. Words come from the texts we are studying. I will write the words on our classroom word wall and during bell work you begin talking and making notes about the words.

Your mission is to grow your vocabulary. Choose at least ten words learn every two weeks. Log the words in the vocabulary section of your journal.

In your academic journal, note: 1) definitions, 2) synonyms, 3) antonyms, and 3) pictures. All but the picture
you can print from Vocabulary. com if you choose to. Short response quizzes will require you to use the word and its meaning in order to answer a question about our reading or class work. For example I might ask you to use one of your vocabulary words to discuss an image or theme from a text we've read.
Vocabulary List #1: Reading & Writing Community Words